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Surgically Clean Air (SCA)
Seattle, WA

Patient receiving a dental exam with surgically clean air at Queen Anne Family Dental in Seattle, WA At Queen Anne Family Dental, client health and safety is our utmost priority. We strive to ensure we provide our clients with a warm and welcoming environment, optimal hygiene, and top-quality dental services.

Surgically Clean Air (SCA) is an absolute must in all medical fields, but it is especially important in the dental field. The number of patients going in and out of the clinic alone can allow many external particles and microbes to find their way inside the building. Combine that with the nature of dental procedures and the required use of various water and air tools, surgically clean air becomes a necessity.

Keeping in line with our commitment to provide our client with the best quality dental care, we at use Surgically Clean Air.

What is Surgically Clean Air?

Surgically Clean Air is an air-filtration system that provides medical-grade air purification. There are many air purification systems available that perform quite well but are not suitable for medical and dental environments. Surgically clean air is a top-of-the-line system that ensures no microbe or contaminant remains in the air ensuring a completely hygienic environment for dental procedures and checkups.

By ensuring medical-grade purification, we assure there is no risk of cross-contamination, microbe growth, or exposure to allergens. The surgically clean air system does this in a few simple steps.

Six Stage Filtration and Sterilization System

SCA features six filtering problems, which is what makes it so effective. Most filtration systems have one, and very few have two to three filtering platforms. They may be able to rid the air of dust and some major contaminants but not all.
However, SCA filters out all elements hindering the provision of a healthy and hygienic environment to our patients with its six-step filtration system.
•  SCA filters out:
•  General pollutants
•  Odors
•  Bio-aerosols
•  Disinfectants
•  Bacteria
•  Disinfectants
•  Fungus
•  Molds
•  Virus
•  Allergens

Sound Dampening Design

The sound of the filtration system can be quite unnerving and anxiety-inducing. You don’t have to worry about that with SCA. It features a noise cancellation system that works by dampening the sound of the processors. Even with such a powerful processor, the noise it produces is like that of an average dishwasher, which is around 55dB. We understand that patients are already under a lot of stress, and the additional roaring sound of some filtration system just results in sensory overload. SCA helps us ensure that we provide our patients with the most calming environment possible.

Stress Reduction

SCA can help reduce stress in more ways than just noise dampening. Eliminating pollutants, allergens, and dust from the air also lowers the risk of asthmatic reactions, which are a common symptom of anxiety. Patients with severe lung and breathing difficulties are also at risk of asthmatic reactions that SCA helps reduce.

Children, patients with anxiety or smell sensitivity also benefit from a clean odor free environment as it prevents them from getting distracted.

Our team at Queen Anne Family Dental can provide you a hygienic requirement for all your dental procedures so you can enjoy the benefits of a stress-free and risk –free environment. Call us today at (206) 424-4450!

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Surgically Clean Air (SCA) is an absolute must in the dental field, which is why we offer it here at Queen Anne Family Dental. Click here to learn more!
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