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Dental Sealants
Seattle, WA

Young boy smiling with healthy teeth at Queen Anne Family Dental in Seattle, WA 98109-2319Dental sealants are one of the tools that can help you maintain your oral health. If oral health is among your top priorities, then you may already be considering dental sealants for yourself and your family.
Dental sealants are thin layers of plastic that are used to cover the chewing surface of your molar. It is more of a preventive measure that reduces your risk of cavities and tooth decay as it prevents food particles from coming into contact with the sealed surface of the tooth. As a result, the chewing surface of your molars is safe from the acid formed when food particles, saliva, and bacteria in your mouth interact, which eventually leads to cavities and tooth decay.
However, dental sealants may wear out over time due to pressure while chewing. They usually last for five to 10 years and may be reapplied, but you need to schedule a dental visit at least once every six months to ensure that your dental sealants and your entire oral cavity are in good shape.

Why Should I Get Dental Sealants?

Most children and adults have trouble cleaning the more difficult-to-reach molars. As a result, your molars are most prone to developing cavities and experiencing tooth decay. Dental sealants can help you prevent this problem by reducing the risk of cavities, as dental sealants seal the chewing surfaces of your molars.

What Makes You a Good Candidate for Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are the best preventive care for anyone with healthy molars that show no signs of decay, dental fillings, or other previous dental procedure. It is best for young children to have dental sealants as soon as their molars erupt. Most dentists recommend that children between the ages of six and 14 should get dental sealants to help prevent cavities.
Moreover, older teenagers and young adults can also get dental sealants provided that their molars are in good condition with no signs of dental decay or any other previous dental procedure.

How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

When you schedule an appointment at Queen Anne Family Dental for dental sealants, we thoroughly clean the surface of your molars to remove plaque and any other hidden food particles. Once you have clean teeth, we apply a small amount of sealing gel that facilitates the sealing process. When this gel dries up, you can expect our dental expert to paint the dental sealant onto the chewing surface of your tooth and ensure that all the crevices and pits are filled.

Following the dental sealant procedure, you or your child can eat or drink within a few minutes after the procedure.

Remember, dental sealants are a pain free preventive procedure that allows you to maintain the health of your molars and oral cavity.

Schedule Your Visit with Queen Anne Family Dental

Once you visit us for preventive dental care, we evaluate the health of your molars and overall oral cavity and determine whether you or your child make a good candidate for dental sealants. If you are a good candidate for the process, Dr. Corinne Reschenthaler and Dr. Grant Reschenthaler may apply the dental sealant during the same dental exam and cleaning. For more information, questions, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office at (206) 424-4450.

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At Queen Anne Family Dental, we offer dental sealants to protect teeth from decay, which in turn, preserves the aesthetics of your smile. Call today for an appointment!
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