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Root Canal

We know, trust us. Root canals have a terrible reputation. Ever since root canals became a part of dental practice in the 2nd or 3rd century BC, they have been associated with pain and suffering. Root canals not being pain-free maked sense back in the ancient era - when doctors used wires inserted underneath the gumline to the tooth root to clear up the infection. That does not sound fun, or painless for you at all. Luckily, our practice is not in the ancient world, but in the modern one. We have so many ways to make root canals as pain free as possible, you will be amazed. You will feel better after the root canal is over, and you will have far less pain. Let Queen Anne Family Dental give you more information about root canals.

What A Root Canal Is?

A root canal is a name for a specific procedure that we use to heal an infected tooth. Teeth first become infected with bacteria that can cause tooth decay. If you are brushing and flossing the way you should, you may be able to brush a lot of the bacteria away.

However, it is also possible that if you miss a spot on your tooth, it will continue to grow. The cavity will eventually work its way into your tooth pulp, and then you will begin to feel pain. The cavity can also work its way down into your tooth root as well, which would be very painful. To help your tooth, we have to clean out the infection. We have to cut a small hole in the top of your tooth to access the tooth pulp. We clean out the infected pulp and fill the space with medicine and filler. These work to clear up the infection and protect the tooth. We then crown the tooth to keep it strong.

Usually, having a root canal means that the tooth will remain infection-free. In many cases, you will be in less pain after the root canal than you were before it. That’s because your tooth will no longer be infected.

A diagram of a tooth and tooth root at Queen Anne Family Dental in Seattle, WA

If You’re Worried About the Pain

One of the biggest concerns with patients who need a root canal is pain. Root canals were far more painful in the past. However, today’s dentistry allows us to use small tools to make the root canal more precise. We can also work to alleviate pain using numerous pain management techniques. Pain management has become a lot more successful. We have techniques to deaden nerves as well as teeth and gums. This makes a root canal procedure more comfortable.

Do you have a painful tooth? Do you need help? Are you trying to decide between a root canal or a dental implant? Give Queen Anne Family Dental a call at (206) 424-4450. Let us calm your fears and talk to you about your nasty tooth pain. Let us ease your fears about root canals. We can talk with you about pain management and pain management techniques. We can make sure that you are comfortable before, during or after the procedure. Give us a call or come on by.

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A root canal is a name for a specific procedure that we use to heal an infected tooth. Let Queen Anne Family Dental give you more information about root canals. Call us today!
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